Discovering the Multiple Benefits of Medication Discount Card Affiliate Program

Medication Card, also known as a prescription drug or pharmacy savings card, offers many benefits to your community - benefits not limited solely to consumers, pharmacies or affiliates. Medication Card benefits everyone, including doctors, dentists, churches, non-profit organizations, insurance brokers, stores and business owners (regardless of the size of their business), website owners, pet owners, and more.

How to benefit from Medication Card

Many parties can benefit from the use of Medication Cards:

The Medication Card Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program offers everyone the opportunity to generate revenue by sharing free Medication Cards with others. This is a 'telling' not a 'selling' opportunity. We're looking for people that like the idea of making money by helping others save money on a necessity. Give free cards away and get paid each time someone saves money using your specially-coded cards. We offer a very generous compensation plan that rewards your efforts - the more people you can get using Medication Card, the more you earn.

There are no monthly or annual renewal fees beyond the $150 Agent Start-up Kit, which includes 2,500 medication discount cards rounded corners, 25 card holders, and your own fully functioning website and back office, coded to you as an agent. 100% of our revenue is claims-based - we NEVER make money on the tools you'll need for your success.

Distribute Medication Cards anywhere in the USA, through medical clinics, dentists, and a number of other proven channels to create a source of ongoing, increasing residual revenue whenever people save with your Medication Cards.

Disclaimer: Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, pharmacy techs/interns and any other medical practice or pharmacy employees are not eligible to be affiliates of the program or otherwise receive any remuneration (directly or indirectly) on account of the program.

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