Medication Card Affiliate Program: helping charities in their time of crisis

Across the USA, charitable organizations are doing amazing work. From helping people who are homeless to start afresh to providing vital support to people in financial hardship, voluntary organisations across our Nation deliver essential services and funds to support people who find themselves unable to support themselves. It’s natural to want to help others. After all, wouldn’t we want other people to help us in our time of greatest need?

While you may think that charities receive adequate funding from the government, the truth is most non-profits rely mainly on voluntary donations from the public. Competition for donations is pretty fierce, especially in these financially-straitened times. Charities need all the help they can get to raise the funds they urgently need and many are looking for new revenue streams so that they can continue to provide vital services to their communities.

Medication Card Affiliate Program is the solution that many of our struggling charities have been looking for. When they join our program, charities earn vital funds while helping people in their communities to save money on essential but expensive prescription medication costs. It truly is a win/win situation.

A Win/Win Situation

Here’s how Medication Card Affiliate Program for charitable organisations works: For a very low price, a charity receives a quantity of Medication Cards for distribution to anyone they choose; When someone uses one of these Medication Cards that person will receive a discount on the cost of their mediation. As people in need very often have poor health, higher medical costs but no insurance, the discount can result in a huge improvement in their quality of life; When a charity gives someone a Medication Card it receives a commission, money that can be re-invested into the charity; 63,000 pharmacies are registered with the Medication Card Program; Participating pharmacies offer discounts of up to 85%, with an average saving of 55% off the regular price of prescription medications. Imagine the difference that makes to people who struggle to pay the full price for essential medications; By joining the Medication Card Affiliate Program charities directly contribute to improvements in the quality of health of the people they seek to support and earn revenue that can be put towards helping even more people. It truly is a virtuous circle.

A Dollar Saved is a Dollar Earned

Medication Card Affiliate Program is a low-risk, cost-effective way for charities to generate vital income while helping people to help themselves. No longer do people on low incomes have to go without vital medication.

Medication Card delivers real savings that alleviate stress and worry for our most vulnerable citizens whilst actively enabling charitable organizations to help even greater numbers of people.

Medication Card Affiliate Program is efficient: For a low cost charities can earn and re-invest in their own cause, helping more people and making a real difference in the community; It needn’t cost the charity a penny to distribute Medication Cards. Charities simply hand them out to the people in their communities or keep them somewhere to hand when people drop by their premises; Charities can even give out cards to be distributed among family members. Every time one of them uses the card the charity will benefit.

Start Helping your Local Charity with Medication Card Affiliate Program

We want more charities to benefit from Medication Card Affiliate Program, and you can help!

Just tell the local charities in your area about Medication Card Affiliate Program.

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