Medication Card Affiliate Program: helping doctors deliver even greater patient care

You joined the medical profession because you are motivated by one single, simple factor: the desire to preserve and improve the quality of life of the patients in your care. What if we told you that there is a program that will enable you to drastically enhance the quality of your patients’ health while at the same time generating additional revenue for you and/or your hospital?

Helping your Patients Meet the Costs the Medications that you Prescribe

When you prescribe medication, you hope that your patient will somehow be able to afford  to buy the medicine they need. However, for many people, spiralling prescription costs simply cannot be met. It is a sad truth that very often those people who need medications the most are also those least able to afford them. People with low household incomes and no insurance are desperate for a way to afford the medication they urgently need.

You want to prescribe medications based on their efficacy, not their cost to the patient. This is why you will want to know what Medication Card Affiliate Program can do for you and your patients.

A Win/Win Situation for Doctors and Patients Alike

Medication Card Affiliate Program is a superb, low-cost investment for doctors who care to provide the very best quality of service to their patients whilst also generating income for themselves or their hospitals

Here’s how it works:

For a very low investment, doctors receive a quantity of Medication Cards for distribution to their patients;

When a patient uses a Medication Card they receive a discount on the cost of their mediation. As patients on low incomes often cannot afford the escalating costs of prescription medicines the discount can result in a huge improvement in their quality of life;

When a doctor gives a patient a Medication Card he or she receives a commission – this can be a valuable source of income for doctors or additional revenue for the hospital;

63,000 pharmacies are registered with the Medication Card program;

Participating pharmacies offer discounts of up to 85%, with an average saving of 55% off the regular price of prescription medications. Imagine the difference that makes to patients who cannot pay the full price of the medications you prescribe;

By joining the Medication Card Affiliate Program doctors directly contribute to improvements in the quality of health of the people you treat while earning additional revenue. It truly is a virtuous circle.

Every doctor wants the very best outcome for his or her patients. By joining the Medication Care Affiliate Program you will ensure that more patients can afford the medications that you prescribe.

Join our Medication Card Affiliate Program and start improving the lives of your patients today.


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