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Become your own Boss with Medication Card Affiliate Program

No-one will disagree. We live in financially straitened times. Everyone now has to think very carefully about what they spend and where they can save money. Household incomes are being stretched like never before. When thinking about where and how … Continue reading

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Dental Discount Program: How it works and why your family needs it

Over 108 million children and adults in the US lack dental insurance. That’s a startling statistic. Oral health contributes to dental health. Good teeth mean a great smile, but bad teeth can lead to complications that can cause our general … Continue reading

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Why everyone needs Dental Discount Program (even those WITH dental insurance!)

It’s an unfortunate fact that millions of American men, women and children have insufficient dental insurance, ironic given that so many of us are living for longer and enjoying better quality of health than previous generations. Our teeth are vulnerable … Continue reading

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Medication Card Affiliate Program: a smart investment for every size of business

The recent global recession has affected businesses of all sizes and every company director is keen to find new revenue streams to keep their companies viable and their investors happy. In the past, businesses were largely unaffected by changes in … Continue reading

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