Dental Discount Program: How it works and why your family needs it

Over 108 million children and adults in the US lack dental insurance. That’s a startling statistic. Oral health contributes to dental health. Good teeth mean a great smile, but bad teeth can lead to complications that can cause our general health to deteriorate.

While we all value our dental health not all of us can afford to put in place expensive dental plans to ensure we can afford to pay the cost of essential dental treatment.

When patients can’t afford the treatment dentists recommend, dentists experience loss of vital revenue.

If only there was a plan to help people who can’t afford expensive dental insurance to meet the costs of dental services.

Fortunately, there is. It’s called Dental Discount Program.

Who Benefits from Dental Discount Program?

Dental Discount Program offers an opportunity for those who are not in the position to afford a dental insurance plan to benefit from generous discounts and savings on dental services.

Few people are lucky enough to receive a dental plan as an employee benefit, so Dental Discount Program is a fantastic way for employers to help their staff to access the dental care they deserve.

Even people who do have dental insurance will benefit from Dental Discount Program. When dental plans don’t cover all expenses, Dental Discount Program may be used to cover the shortfall ensuring you can meet the entire cost of essential dental treatment.

How does Dental Discount Program Work? Dental Discount Program is very easy to use. 1. Simply print out your membership card from our website and start using it right away; 2. Be sure to look online to find out which dentists participate in Dental Discount Program; 3. Present you card to the participating dentist and enjoy your discounts.

With Dental Discount Program you can save on cleaning, check-ups, fillings, braces and much more.

What makes Dental Discount Program Affordable and Cost-effective?

Dental Discount Program is not a dental insurance plan.

Most dental insurance plans will cost you $1000-$1500 per year in premiums. Not only is this a large sum of money, there is no guarantee that your plan will cover all of your costs.

Dental Discount Program costs just $79.95 per person or $129.95 per family per year, a modest investment for great savings.

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