Medication Card Affiliate Program: a smart investment for every size of business

The recent global recession has affected businesses of all sizes and every company director is keen to find new revenue streams to keep their companies viable and their investors happy.

In the past, businesses were largely unaffected by changes in the world around them. However the advent of the internet, advances in mobile telecommunications and the relaxation in trading restrictions around the world have resulted in the development of a truly global economy that brings with it both great opportunities and serious threats to the prosperity of our businesses.

For businesses to survive modern economic downturns they must be willing to explore fresh opportunities to generate revenue. Those that consider the potential of residual income generation schemes tend also to be those that continue to do well while businesses around them flounder.

Introducing Medication Card Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are not new and you must be wondering what Medication Card Affiliate Program can do for your business.

Medication Card is the perfect way to help your staff and your clients to save money on their essential medical prescription costs while at the same time building a new and valuable income stream for your business.

Here’s how it works:

• For a very low investment you will receive a quantity of Medication Cards for distribution to your staff and clients; • When they use a Medication Card they will receive a discount on the cost of their mediation. Everyone wants to save money. By helping your staff and your clients to reduce the cost of their essential medicines you are helping them to afford more of the little luxuries that make life more enjoyable, such as holidays and home improvements or, if they are philanthropically-minded, they can invest what they save in local community projects; • When a member of staff or client uses the Medication Card you gave to them, you will receive a commission. That’s right, you earn while they save; • 63,000 pharmacies are registered with the Medication Card program; • Participating pharmacies offer discounts of up to 85%, with an average saving of 55% off the regular price of prescription medications. Imagine what that kind of saving means to your staff and clients; • By joining the Medication Card Affiliate Program you deliver real benefit to the people you work with while earning additional revenue for your business. It truly is a virtuous circle.

It’s one of those ‘No-Brainer’ Business Decisions! Many of the decisions you make on behalf of your business are hard. This one is easy. You make money while your employees and clients save money. Everyone wins.

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