Why everyone needs Dental Discount Program (even those WITH dental insurance!)

It’s an unfortunate fact that millions of American men, women and children have insufficient dental insurance, ironic given that so many of us are living for longer and enjoying better quality of health than previous generations.

Our teeth are vulnerable to plaque and acid as well as wear and tear so regular visits to the dentist should be considered a vital aspect of our self-care regime. However, many Americans find they can’t afford the escalating costs of dental insurance and as a consequence the nation’s oral health is at risk of decline.

Now for some really great news for patients and dentists alike.

Dental Discount Program enables anyone who can’t afford to pay for dental treatment the opportunity to benefit from excellent savings and discounts on any dental-related services.

If you own a company, Dental Discount Program is a great way to ‘give back’ to your employees by enabling them to afford the dental care that is so essential to the maintenance of good health.  Dental Discount Program makes dental treatment affordable for a fraction of the cost of dental insurance.

Dental Discount Program may not have all the benefits of comprehensive dental insurance. However, for those who can’t afford full dental insurance cover, Dental Discount Program ensures that many more people can benefit from great oral health.

Who benefits from Dental Discount Program?

Whether or not you have dental insurance plan in place you will benefit from Dental Discount Program.

Once you have joined Dental Discount Program you can start receiving generous discounts right away.

Many people choose to join Dental Discount Program in order to save money at participating dental practices when they have exceeded their annual dental insurance limit. Dental Discount Program can help to cover some of the shortfall costs between the amount their dental insurance plan covers and the amount their annual treatment actually costs.

The benefits of Dental Discount Program are not restricted only to people who have existing dental insurance cover. Anyone who needs dental treatment can make excellent savings with Dental Discount Program.

How will you benefit from Dental Discount Program?

Benefits include:

• Hundreds of dollars of savings on dental services including cleaning, check-ups, fillings, etc.;

• Dental Discount Program membership cards are printable from our website, so you’ll be able to print our your card right away;

• Choose and book an appointment with one of our many participating dentists;

• Present you card at your dental surgery to enjoy on-the-spot discounts.

Dental insurance premiums can cost between $225-$396 per year and there is usually a limit on how much you can claim under the terms of your insurance plan. When you exceed your plan’s limit, any additional expenses come right out of your own pocket. With Dental Discount Program you can cover these additional costs.

What does Dental Discount Program cost?

Discount Dental Program is priced at just:

• $79.95 per year for individuals

• $129.95 per year for families

How do you Join Dental Discount Program?

So, if you are looking for a great and inexpensive program that will help you to reduce your dental payments be sure to check out the Discount Dental Program website. Discount Dental Program, the low-cost plan that enables you to start saving money on your dental costs today.

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