Medication Card: the new and financially rewarding way for doctors to help their patients


All doctors want to help their patients to get well, so it’s really frustrating for everyone when patients can’t take the medication they’ve been prescribed because they can’t afford to pay for it. Finally, help is at hand. No medical insurance? No problem. Medication Card is available free to patients and can give them up to 85% off the price of the medications that their doctor prescribes. This applies to any FDA approved medication including generic as well as brand-name drugs.

Here are a few facts about Medication Card:

  • No qualifying requirements;
  • No restrictions;
  • No card expiration date;
  • Average saving 55%;
  • Valid in 63,000 participating pharmacies nation-wide;
  • No limit on the number of prescriptions that can be discounted;
  • Savings also available on some pet prescriptions!

Patients can easily find out the location of their nearest participating pharmacy by using the search feature on the Medication Card website. Chances are the pharmacy they already use is a member of the program.

 Doctors who hand out the cards to their patients report an increase in patient loyalty and satisfaction. It’s a great way for doctors to show patients that they really do understand that times are tough and that they are committed to providing patients with the very best healthcare available.

 Medication Card isn’t associated with any retail pharmacy, insurance company, healthcare entity or drug manufacturer. The program is administered by a third party whose job is to process and pay out against claims made with the card. Doctors can distribute Medication Card to patients with the confidence that there is no conflict of interest.

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