Medication Card: what our customers say!

Feedback from people who are using Medication Card continues to be overwhelmingly positive. We guess that’s no surprise! After all, everyone likes to save money, and with the high costs of prescription medications these days ever dollar saved counts.

Some customers tell us they didn’t think Medication Card would actually work. Others thought the discount would probably be small. But aren’t they pleased they gave it a try? They go on to say how delighted they were to find that not only was the pharmacist happy to take the card, but the size of the discount was impressive as well. Even those people who have medical insurance found that the card saved them money.

So that’s the feedback, but what are the facts?

The average saving is around 55%;

Some customers say they saved as much as 75%;

Medication Card can be used for all kinds of medication: all FDA approved drugs, both generic and name brand, are eligible for a discounted rate;

Medication Card is accepted at 63,000 pharmacies.

Is Medication Card really free?

Yes! You don’t pay a penny. Just use it and save!

You can download free Medication Card right now from our website or place an order and we’ll send some to you through the mail. Make sure you tell your friends and family about Medication Card so they can start saving too.

• No sign up of any kind;

• Never expires;

• No qualification requirements;

• No restrictions.

Your pharmacist will look up your medication on the computer system and let you know the discount. You will always receive the lowest price available.

If you have a chronic illness and need a lot of medications on a regular, repeat basis just imagine how much money you could save with Medication Card!

Customers also told us that they like that they don’t have to go out of their way to use Medication Card. With 63,000 participating pharmacies the chances are the pharmacy you are already using is part of the program. If you want to check, just use the search facility on the Medication Card website.

So don’t just take our word for it. Medication Card is highly rated by the people who use it, people just like you who are tired of paying full price for their medications.

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