Medication Card: The Route To Customer Satisfaction

Medication Card is bringing a smile to the faces of people all over the country. In these financially testing times, this free card is enabling more people to afford the costly prescription drugs they so urgently need to enjoy better health and better quality of life.

 In fact, when someone uses Medication Card they pretty quickly spread the word to everyone they know: friends, family members, even their own doctors!

 Medication Card gives everyone up to 85% discount off their prescription medication. With 63,000 participating pharmacies across the USA, it’s clear to see why Medication Card is making so many people happy.


It’s simple

Medication Card is completely free to use. No restrictions, no expiration date and no qualification process. To take advantage, just download the card from our website, take it to a participating pharmacy next time you need to fill/refill prescriptions drugs and hand it to the pharmacist. He or she will then check the computer system and let you know how much discount you will receive.

 People who use Medication Card tell us that on average they enjoy a saving of 55%, with some saving as much as 87%. All FDA-approved drugs are eligible for discount – with very few exceptions – so just ask your pharmacist.


Too good to be true?

We understand that this all sounds too good to be true. It’s not unusual for people to be skeptical at first. But the savings are real.

 People using Medication Card soon get hooked and return to our website again and again to download more cards for their friends and family members. Some even order cards in bulk to distribute to their local doctors,. And why not?  It’s a great way to help people you know and people you don’t know.


Helping those in need

People on fixed incomes are often faced with the difficult decision about whether to cancel medical insurance when times are tough. People who didn’t have medical insurance may avoid picking up their drugs because they can’t afford the prescription cost.

 These people need help to stay healthy. Medication Card can provide that help. No-one should have to go without the medications they need because they can’t afford them. So tell everyone you know about Medication Card – their health may benefit as a result.

 People with long-term conditions often need to take a variety of medications. Imagine the difference Medication Card makes to them. Savings of up to 85% will have a huge impact over the course of a year.

 Even if you have medical insurance Medication Card can help. You may be surprised to be told that your insurance doesn’t cover a particular medication. When this happens, you can turn to Medication Card to reduce the cost of that drug. If you need a drug urgently and feel you cannot wait the amount of time it takes for your insurance company to approve your prescription, Medication Card might make your drugs affordable right away.


Pet meds are covered too!

Medication Card is also good for pet medications. Surprised? Some of the drugs that vets prescribe are exactly the same medications that humans take. Ask you veterinarian’s advice – it may be that Medication Card can save you money on your pet’s medications too.

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