Doctors can help their patients to save on their prescriptions

The Medication Card provides a discount of up to 85% off your prescription meds at more than 63,000 participate pharmacies can be downloaded for free. This is a way for everyone to save up to 85 percent on the medications they need. For those who depend on regular medications to control chronic health conditions, the continuous financial strain can be difficult. The medication discount card helps to relieve the worry that is so often associated with the need for continuing prescriptions.

Doctors can help their patients to save on their prescriptions by giving away the card in the waiting room or at the front desk. It’s a great way to show patients that their doctors know that prescription costs can be challenging, as well as providing a realistic solution. Doctors who have shared the medication card have found that they see an increase in patient loyalty and referrals. Please order cards today at “Order Cards” page.


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