Stop Throwing Money Away! 7 Ways to Lower Prescription Drug Prices

Paying too much for your meds? One monthly prescription can be enough; can you imagine how expensive it can be for those taking several prescription drugs? It’s time to take control….

Money doesn’t grow on trees but some pharmacies price prescription drugs like it does. Learn what steps to take to lower your medication prices on our own.

So many people take medications that cost hundreds of dollars every month because of extensive illnesses, aging, several persons or an aging or a *sick pet in a household on meds. Never the less the cost of prescription medication are a drain on the household income and cause you to sacrifice your way of life to sustain good health or worse, you may not be able  to get your necessary medications at all which could be fatal.

It seems like taking control of our medication expenses is the only thing we can do if we want financial relief now. Now it’s time for you to learn how to lower your prescription price. The methods could be something you may not have thought about but could make a difference in the money you keep in your pockets.

7 Ways to Lower Prescription Drug Prices

  1. Stop taking unnecessary medications. Bring all of your medications to your doctor and discuss which ones you no longer need. Many people continue paying for medications they no longer need because they automatically renew their prescription.
  2. Take combination drugs. Have your doctor give you combination prescriptions that contain 2 medications. You will then pay only for one combination prescription instead of two separate ones.
  3. Split your pills. Cut your high dose pills instead of renewing prescription for lesser dose which cost just as  much. Why pay for more medication when you have them already?
  4. Go Generic. Generic drugs are less costly. Switching to a cheaper drug will allow your money to go much further.
  5.  Ask pharmaceutical companies about their low cost or free drug programs. You never know what you qualify for unless you ask.
  6. Use a Prescription Discount Card to take up to 85% off of your pharmacy bill. Having this card handy during each purchase will certainly save you hundreds of dollars by the end of the year.
  7. Take better care of yourself to improve your overall health enabling your doctor to take you off medications you no longer need plus saving you loads of money.

Take a step now and lower your prescription drug price. Print out your own Prescription Discount Card to save up to 85% off your medical expenses, better yet print out several. You never know who else can use them. Follow this link for more information about your very own prescription discount card.

*You can save money on prescription drugs for pets if that medication is also used for humans.

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