Help With My Prescription Drugs – I Was Shocked At My Prescription Drug Cost Until I Got This

Hearing the charge for the prescription my child needed made my knees shake, then I remembered I had my Free Discount Prescription Card in my purse. I gave it to the pharmacist and he gave me a price I could pay. I was relieved.

There are many more stories like this…Do you have one?

When a child is sick we comfort them and care for them until they are well. But sometimes, no matter what we do, our childs condition worsen.

We then have to see a doctor or worse, go to an hospital. If you aren’t insured or under insured you will worry about the cost and copay; if your receive a prescription and chances are , you will, you worry about your prescription cost.

With all of the stress and events surrounding this event, you shouldn’t have to worry about how you will pay for your childs prescription drugs. It’s times like this when you appreciate having your own free discount prescription cardon hand.


Help With Prescription DrugsWhen You Need It….

Free discount prescription cards are convenient to carry and will reduce your medication cost in seconds. Anyone that doesn’t have insurance that will cover all prescription drugs, owe it to themselves to carry a discount prescription card at all times, just in case. You no longer have to pay full price for your prescription drugs when you have your own free discount prescription card in your pocket. is a well respected company and offers a great way to save money with their Free Discount Prescription Drug Cards which can also be used on Pet Meds.

Pharmacy Location System Try it! You can find your medication drug , the cost and the location of the nearest pharmacy that excepts your Free Discount Prescription Card. But no worries any major drug store in the US will honor your card.

Print Free Discount Prescription Card and carry it in you wallet right away and if you don’t have a printer, simply copy this information to use before paying for your prescriptions:, GROUP ID: MCSAVE, MEMBER ID: Member phone number, BIN: 610219, PCN: DRX

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