Uninsured Children – Is Your Child Uninsured?


A mother using her Free Discount Prescription Card to reduce the cost of a prescription drug for her child will save herself money that can be used elsewhere. There is nothing worse than your child being sick except not being able to afford their medications.

The economy has turned family’s income and healthcare upside down producing uninsured families and children. Government programs are no longer just for the elderly, sickly or poor. With masses of unemployed Americans, more are turning to Government programs and free discount prescription cards for assistance.

 Statistics show that over 7.3 million were uninsured as of 2008; most are eligible for public programs such as Medicaid, SCHIP etc. The parents of these uninsured children most likely are facing some life challenges that seem more of a priority such as finance, shelter and food.

An uninsured child is most likely the one that has to go without their needed medication. Not being able to afford your child’s prescription drug can cause a small condition to worsen.

A parent or caregiver for an uninsured child should:

  • Find government or state agency that provide healthcare for children.
  • Make sure your child eats properly. Sign up for government programs such as WIC for healthy foods for your child to maintain good health.
  • Print out your Free Prescription Discount Card for reduced charges on prescription medications for your child.

We know that times are tough and should take proactive steps to make sure our uninsured children will get the care they  need by signing up for any program they qualify for. Government programs are not just for the sickly and poor any longer. Due to tens of thousands of people losing jobs, there are more people forced to apply for government aid.

MedicationCard.org understands the tremendous need for reduced medications and offers a free discount prescription card and reduced discount dental plan for individual and families. Everyone qualifies and there are no stipulations.

You can apply for your discount dental plan at MedicationCard.org whenever you’re ready. However, print out or copy information for your Free Discount Prescription Card immediately at MedicationCard.org. Keep it in your wallet at all times.

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