Help with Prescription Cost- 7 Ways to Get Low Cost Prescriptions

Help with prescription cost is sought after all over the United States. There are millions that go without the medications they need every day. The cost of prescriptions without insurance can be devastating when you don’t have insurance or the money you need.

Cutting prescription cost is simple with the right information and tools.

There are many ways to cut prescription cost but until now your may not have known what they are. I will share with you tips that will change how you pay for your prescription drugs. Whether you are uninsured or underinsured this information is for you.

7 Ways to Get Low Cost or Free Prescriptions

  1. Spit pills in half instead of buying new prescription with less strength.
  2. Use your AARP card for discounts on your prescription medications. You never know when a discount applies.
  3. Ask your doctor for samples of medications before taking your prescriptions. Except medication samples you may need later.
  4. Ask your pharmacist about generic drugs that work as well as well as over the counter drugs. Be sure to talk to you doctor first.
  5. Use a discount prescription card for instant discounts. Discount prescription cards work instantly and also work with prescription pet meds.
  6. Check with pharmaceutical companies for free medications. You may be able to free or low cost medications straight from pharmaceutical companies if you ask.
  7. Compare prescription drug prices between several pharmacies. Did you know that heart medications are most likely cheaper near senior homes and asthma medication may be cheaper near elementary schools?

Many didn’t know about these methods and how they worked and didn’t participate, while losing money with every prescription drug they purchased. With this knowledge you can be sure to get your prescription cost lowered and use your savings where you need it most.

Now that you know how to save money on your prescription drugs; get your no cost prescription discount card and discount dental plan from and begin getting instant savings with no drama today.

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