How to Use the Discount Prescription Card as A Way to Earn Extra Money

Most people that get their own discount prescription card don’t realize that it is also a way to earn extra money when they need it most. Just the fact that you need a discount prescription card says that you also need extra money; which you can use to pay the balance of your prescriptions.

Many think of sales and get turned off. You couldn’t be more wrong; telling others how helpful your pharmacy card is to you is no different than telling them about a good movie; except, you will give them a free ticket to the great event and you will be paid every time they use their card. What could be simpler?

Why Join

  • Make Money
  • Free website
  • No monthly fees

Today we have to be more creative in the ways we make our extra money. You can make extra money as slow or as fast as you want. Your referrals can get their card by:

  • Print Card
  • Physical Card
  • Copy Information

All you will have to do to spread the word is:

  • Tell someone new every day.
  • Drop cards to urgent care clinics.
  • Tell others about them via phone, text or Facebook.
  • Form a group to start your own business with your own specialty card.

The added bonus to joining our discount pharmacy card affiliate program is that you are automatically an affiliate to a dental discount plan. You will receive a onetime commission every time someone signs up for a low cost individual dental plan or a family dental plan. As you can see doing business with has its privileges and is an excellent way to earn residual money every month.

There are many that work very hard the first year like any other new business, but are able to sit back and relax while others use their discount cards and earn them money every week. Get more information about our affiliate program  and begin the change you need to put extra money into your pockets tomorrow.


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