RX Discount Pharmacy Cards – How to Protect Yourself Against Expensive Prescription Drug Prices With or Without Insurance

There have been a lot of changes with the new Healthcare Marketplace and many can now have insurance. Some remain insured, underinsured and many uninsured. Many will realize that the new MarketPlace Healthcare comes with limitations and less flexibility concerning doctors, pharmacies and prescriptions.

• Limited to certain network doctors.

• Only certain prescription drugs covered and discounted.

• Prescriptions must be filled at participating network pharmacies.

(These limitations are why it is strongly suggested that you have your own RX discount pharmacy card.)


7 Benefits of Having Your Own RX Discount Pharmacy Cards

1. Discounts up to 85% are instant at participating pharmacies.

2. This card has no personal information you can share your card with anyone giving them instant savings.

3. Your pharmacy discount card can be used to receive discounts on your pet’s medications.

4. We don’t sell your information, because we don’t take any of your personal information.

5. We have a network of over 63,000 pharmacies nationwide including major pharmacies.

6. You can find your nearest pharmacy by entering your zip code into the location search engine.

7. You are able to go to the MedicationCard.org website pharmacy directory and find your discount by entering your prescription information.


Who Qualifies for the RX Discount Savings Card & RX Savings Drug Network Benefits?

We at MedicationCard.org offers the RX discount savings card and RX saving drug network benefits to everyone. You don’t need to qualify; its free.

• Insured

• Uninsured

• Underinsured

• Pet Owners

It doesn’t matter who you are, you need your own RX discount savings card in your wallet. By choosing MedicationCard.org RX savings card you have access to incredible savings nationwide that will allow you prescription drug discounts when your plan doesn’t.

We offer you no cost RX discount cards that will ease your mind when you need it the most. You have enough to worry about than to add the stress of deciding if you can get your medication or not. Not much is free in this country but having your own quality RX discount pharmacy card still is.


How Can I Get My Own RX Discount Pharmacy Card?

Getting your own discount pharmacy card is as easy as going to MedicationCard.org. Get your free medical discount card & RX savings drug network benefits as added protection against expensive pharmacy drugs instantly.

• Print Card

• Order Card.

• Copy information.

You might think that getting your own discount pharmacy card would be a hassle and we understand your concerns; however you will be pleasantly surprised how simple it is to get your own card. Just go to the website and print or copy the information to your activated card!

• No personal information.

• No cost or credit card information.

• No long or short forms to fill out.

• No phone calls or requirements.


How Can We Offer No Cost RX Discount Pharmacy Cards?

Our network of over 63,000 nationwide pharmacies including CVS, Rite-Aid, Wal-Mart etc has grown to this size because we have a win-win- win system for all.

The pharmacies do not make money if you can’t afford your prescription, you can’t get your prescription if you can’t afford it and the store itself can’t entice you while you wait for your prescription.

What our RX medication card does for people is serious and so is the money you save. We pride ourselves in keeping the cycle going and get paid by the network while passing saving onto you.


What are you waiting for?

I hope you can now see how very important to have your very own RX discount medication card and how it can save you money on the prescription you need as well as some pet prescription drugs. Today it is imperative that you cover yourself from all uncertainties in advance. Not being able to afford needed medication shouldn’t happen to anyone; but it does.

Life is too uncertain to waste another minute deciding if you have time to get your own RX medication discount card. This card is easy to get and use; just present it and let the pharmacist calculated your discount instantly. Use your savings where you need it most.

The comfort of knowing that you have a RX medication discount card ready when you need it is priceless. Go to MedicationCard.org and print, copy or order your own card today. Get it, forget it; until you need it. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@MedicationCard.org.


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