How to Find the Best Prescription Plans for Seniors

There are millions of seniors (babyboomers) that can be getting their prescription drugs for free or discounted with prescription plans; but don’t because they neglect to do the research and apply for the programs they qualify for; as a result, many continue to suffer with extraordinary prescription drug cost that can financially ruin them or worse.

 While millions of seniors neglect to apply for the help they qualify for, they also neglect to get simpler and easier solutions such as discount prescription cards that conveniently give added discounts to prescription drug cost.

Being scared is no longer an excuse not to arm yourself with the best prescription plan you can find. Not finding out what is available is costing seniors millions of dollars they cannot afford to lose; as well as their homes and health.

 What is the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan?
Once you are 65 you are a senior citizen in the eyes of the Social Security and qualify for the Medicare Program. It may be a nuisance to apply and you may feel like giving up but the money you could save with almost free or discounted prescription drugs will be worth it.

The Medicare prescription drug plan is a plan available for everyone that is 65 and over. At 65 you are officially a senior citizen and must take the time to apply to get your specific benefits for your particular financial situation; what people don’t know is there may be penalty for missing your enrollment period.

  1. 3 months after your 65th birthday.
  2. Enroll Nov 15 to Dec 31 of each year.
  3. Disabled apply 3 months before or after the 25th month your cash benefits.

Once a 65 year old has applied and become active, they choose their best Medicare prescription drug plan; regardless of: 

  1. Income
  2. Health
  3. Prescription Medications

How Much is The Medicare Prescription Drug Plan?

The cost is determined by the plan of your choice. You will have to apply for Medicare when appropriate and make a selection of the plan you can comfortably afford with the features best for you. You will compare and determine which plan is best for you from the choices you are given.

  1. Deductible/premium
  2. Participating pharmacy

Discount Pharmacy Medication Cards

Discount pharmacy medication cards may not be a prescription drug plan but it is a plan to save good money on expensive prescription drugs.  A discount pharmacy drug or medication card is an activated code that gives the pharmacy permission to discount your pharmacy prescriptions as well as pet medications.

You can locate your medication, pharmacy, cost and discount by using the Medication Cost calculator at

The discounts can range up to 85%; making the average savings about 55%. Thousands are already saving thousands of dollars every year on their medications with discount prescription cards, but not nearly enough to put a dent into non adherence.

How Much are Discount Pharmacy Medication Cards?

The prescription discount cards are free of cost, penalties or applications and can be used immediately with the already activated information.  You don’t have to be a senior to take advantage of this card to get the discounts, although many seniors enjoy saving on pharmacy prescription drugs their plans do not cover.


Our babyboomer seniors are in the midst of a lot of changes and  being the largest group of people being born at one time has resulted in over worked and understaffed medical facilities. Being able to afford needed medications will assure that less seniors will go without the prescription medications they need and suffer less consequences.

Medicare can be had by the disabled and all 65 year olds that apply by going to your nearest Social Security office or calling Medicare Customer Service 1-800-MEDICAR (1-800-633-4227)

Attain your discount prescription card by visiting Your important information and code can be copied, printed or ordered in a card form and used immediately by anyone of any age.

If you want to get the best prescription plan for seniors, you will have to forget about your fears and think about your consequences. Do your research and apply for Medicare.

 Getting your discount prescription card is much simpler and is a good move to assure you discounts without the stress. There are representative that will help you on both counts; but only action will get you set up and on your way to saving money with the best prescription plans for seniors.

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