Prescription Drugs Cost – 5 Solutions to High Prescription Cost

It seems that there are many people that feel alone and let down when there is no real help available they can depend on for high prescription drug cost. Many middle class families don’t qualify for government programs on paper and are financially devastated by the economy like millions of others.

There are some people faced with prescription bills of up to $100,000 a year to survive; this is morally wrong and a travesty at best. Tens of thousands are dying from the inability to afford life saving prescription drugs.

Prescription VS Sacrifices

There are many that are facing the future struggling to pay the high cost of medications without insurance or underinsured. These people are paying for these prescriptions for themselves or a loved one that will get sicker or worse if they don’t receive their medications.

The harsh reality is that many are unable to purchase these expensive drugs as often as they should or maybe not at all without help. Lacking the resources to pay for prescription drugs of any sort can leave families to choose what they must give up, which includes:

  •  Food
  • Homes
  • Vehicles
  • Vacations
  • Education

Expensive Prescription Cost Without Insurance

The cost of prescription drugs for cancer continues to sky rocket out of control. The life saving prescription drugs seem to be the ones that are the most costly; such as a cancer brand named drug called Femara ® that gives cancer patient’s relief from their troublesome symptoms and Sprycel that can make the difference between life and death.

Cancer is hard enough to deal with for the patient and their family without the stress of the cost of the necessary drugs or the inability to afford them.

The cost of Femara is far from reasonable. This drug easily is over $500. Here is an example of the cost of Femara and Sprycel in the Georgia area. (The second price is a discount.)

FEMARA 2.5 MG Tablet 30 EA $597.15 $508.32 14%
SPRYCEL 100 MG Tablet 30 EA $11,054.84 $9,397.37         14%

5 Solutions to the High Cost of Prescription Drugs

There has been much relief in the cost of prescription drugs from places like Wal-Mart, Rite Aid and pharmacy companies that have made prescription drugs more affordable.  Searching for programs that can lower your prescription cost is a worthy pursuit. It may take several programs to help with the cost of your prescription drugs to make them affordable.

  • Insurance
  • Generic Medication
  • Government Programs
  • Drug Company Program
  • Discount Prescription Card

Medication Cost Calculator has a medication cost calculator that allows you to put any drug name in the system to see the cost and generic name. As you can see the example above for cancer drug Femara 2.5 mg tablet for 30 is an incredible $597.15.

The discount you see with the price of $508.32 is for our discount prescription card holders; however if that same card holder were to get the recommended generic brand Letrozole the cost would have changed drastically.

LETROZOLE 2.5 MG Tablet GENERIC 30 EA $597.15 $22.70 96%

Steps to Getting Your Prescription Cost Lowered

Taking active steps to find out how to get your prescription cost lowered cannot be ignored; procrastinating can cost you hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands.

Place your prescription brand into the “medication cost calculator” to see what pharmacy drug options you have you may not be aware of.  (Refresh page to start over.)

By adding your zip code you can see the nearest participating pharmacy you can visit to receive your discount as a discount card holder. I’m sure at this point you can see the advantages of carrying the no cost discount pharmacy card.

In Conclusion…

Searching for any help to make these drugs more affordable can be exhausting and very stressful. Having insurance doesn’t mean all of your prescription drugs are covered and having no insurance leaves the full cost of your prescription drug as your burden to bear alone.

People are important and with time there will be relief for more and for others the search for relief will continue. In the mean time take advantage of all help that can relieve your financial stress even a little.

If you don’t already have your no cost activated discount medication card; get it now and tell someone. It’s as simple as copying, printing or ordering your card at Many people are suffering and worse because of high prescription cost and the inability to afford them.

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