Understanding Discount Prescription Drug Cards

If you have been researching for ways to reduce the cost of prescription drugs, you must have come across rx medication cards. These are cards that are usually given to people who want to reduce the cost of their prescription medications. The cards are usually not part of insurance. They are either used instead of insurance, or in addition to health insurance.

Although, most of the cards are open for everyone, you should note that some of the cards have eligibility restrictions. Some of the restrictions may be age (usually people with over 65 year of age, or families with young children may be restricted from accessing the card). Another restriction maybe income limits.

In most cases the cards are usually free or they have very low fees. The cards are usually given by the government or by organizations such as medicationCard.

There are also some cards that are given by pharmaceutical stores. Here people who meet given store’s criteria are given the cards. People who receive the cards are usually allowed discounts when they purchase the drugs from the issuing pharmacy.

There are also some cards that are given by drug manufactures. These cards are usually given to people who are not covered by prescription plans. Here one pharmaceutical company can give the cards or a number of companies can come together and issue the cards to interested parties.

Although, there are a number of institutions that give the cards, you should not register with any card issuing company that you come across. Before registering, you should decide whether the card will be of benefit to you or not. Here you need to consider a number of factors such as:
• How much will it cost you to get the cards? Although, most of the cards are free, not all of them are.
• The fees that you may be required to pay either monthly or annually.
• Whether the card will be honored by your pharmacy.
• If the card will cover the drugs that you take. This is because not every card will help you to pay every drug. You should note that the more common the drugs you take, the better the chances that you will get a discount.

Where you can get the medication cards
There are many places where you can get the cards from. You can get them from reputable organizations such as medicationcard.org. A general search engine search also has the potential of pulling up names of the most reputable issuing companies.

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