When You Can’t Afford Your Medications

Getting prescription medicines can be expensive especially when you are uninsured or your insurance plan does not cover your prescriptions.

For example, if you are suffering from cancer and you have a prescription for chemotherapy, the medications can bring about stomach upsets thus you may require anti-nausea drugs.

The chemo may also make you anemic thus you may require iron supplements. The list can go on and on until you find that the medications are too expensive for you to afford.

What you should do when you can’t afford your medications

If you find that you can’t afford the medications you should never stop taking them. Here are some of the things that you can do:

Look for an Rx discount card

This is a card that is usually provided by different organizations such as MedicationCard. The card allows you to access medications at low prices. To get the discount card you only to register with the issuing organization and once you get the card you only need to present it to a participating pharmacy and you will be able to receive your medications at discounted prices.

Talk to a hospital social worker

Every hospital has social workers whose work is to help patients. Once you find that you can’t afford your medications, you should approach a social worker and he/she will help you access grants and other programs offered in the hospital (if available).

Other than talking to a hospital social worker, you should also talk to your doctor and he/she will refer you to a program that will be of benefit to you.

Seek help from the partnership for prescription assistance

Partnership for prescription assistance is an organization which is usually aimed at helping those who can’t afford their medications. The organization has over 400 programs and 5000 medications that are usually available at reduced prices.

To access the programs you only need to access the organization (online) and once you are determined to be eligible for assistance, you will be able to access all the medications at low prices.

Approach pharmaceutical companies

Although, only a few people know this, pharmaceutical companies have programs that are aimed at helping patients who can’t afford paying for their medications.

Here you need to identify the manufacture of the drugs that you are taking and try to contact the company either through email or phone. You should note that the programs are usually available in the large pharmaceutical companies.

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