Save with Your Prescription Card

If you want to save money and you don’t know how,
Get our medication prescription card and get it now.
You will save some money and more than you know,
With our card there’ll be less money that you will owe.

The card is free and it never expires,
No one is turned down so it will meet your desires.
It is good at many locations, over 63,000 you see,
To get a discount is good we can all agree.

The medication savings card can be used for your pet,
So for your pet medications you will be all set.
Simply present your card to your pharmacist to see,
How they can save you some money by lowering your fee.

You can save a lot with the savings card,
Up to eighty-five percent you can disregard.
An average of fifty-five percent is a better bet,
And a very good way to reduce your debt.

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