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The pharmacy discount card which can be downloaded for free from is a way for everyone     to save up to 85 percent on the medications they need. For those who depend on regular medications to control chronic health conditions, the continuous financial strain can be difficult. The medication discount card helps to relieve the worry that is so often associated with the need for continuing prescriptions.

Doctors can help their patients to save on their prescriptions by giving away the card in the waiting room or at the front desk. It’s a great way to show patients that their doctors know that prescription costs can be challenging, as well as providing a realistic solution. Doctors who have shared the medication card have found that they see an increase in patient loyalty and referrals.

The actual amount of the discount is dependent on industry standards and the rate which has been negotiated by the pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) which administers the program. It tends to be the same from pharmacy to pharmacy, though on occasion the regular price, a limited-time sale price, or a separately negotiated discount price might be lower. Patients will always be given the lowest available price, whether that’s the card price or not.

The card is valid for all FDA approved prescription medications, both name-brand and generic. In rare cases, the manufacturer may reject a discount for a specific medication. It’s more likely that, whatever medication your patients need

It can also be used as a pet medication card. With a veterinarian’s authorization, many medications which are prescribed to pets are readily available at any regular pharmacy serving humans. This is one more way in which the medication card saves money. Many veterinarians supply the card for their clients to use.

The card is available to patients free of charge. There are no membership fees or annual renewal fees. There are no fees of any kind, and there are no qualifications or restrictions to use the card. Basically, there’s no risk to any patient: he or she picks up the card, places it in his or her wallet, and pulls it out at the pharmacy to find that the discount is legitimately earned and, more often than not, represents a significant savings over the usual price.

Doctors offices which provide the pharmacy discount card to their patients and their families earn the loyalty and good will of their patients. The card is just so easy to use, with no annoying forms or other personal identification issues, that everyone feels it’s worth a try. Once they find that the discounts are worthwhile (an average of 55 percent, though 50 to 85 percent savings are not unusual), they’ll be hooked.

The card can be used as a discount pet medication card, too. Many of the same medications that people take are also given to animals, and prescriptions can therefore be filled at a regular pharmacy with an authorization from the veterinarian. Vet offices can distribute the cards to their clients to help take the edge off rising costs. The same card works for any kind of medication that is eligible.

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