One of the most vital pieces of grocery in a household that should not be missed buying is drugs. If you have a migraine and you want to have something done that hour, you take an Advil or any pain reliever drugs. Coughs, colds, fevers and other basic reactions to infection are treated duly with drugs. What if you need more than just a simple anti histamine pill? What if you are confined and you are prescribed with drugs that cost about $110 like Zoloft? Worry no more! Free prescription cards are here to help you up to 85% off your budget. What’s best about this is that it is available in all over 56,000 participating drugstores, pharmacies and stores nationwide.

The free prescription cards are easy to be availed of. To qualify, just follow these simple 3 steps:
1. Download the card online by filling out the form provided in the website.
2. Print the activated card.
3. Bring the card to the pharmacy.

Once you have presented the printed card to the pharmacy they will input your information in their computer. The printed card has your static identification number along with all the required pharmacy numbers. After they have stored your information, you will no longer need the card because your records have been stored in the Pharmacy’s computer already. But do not throw card as you may need this in the future. The remaining price after the discount is what you have to pay only.

• If you are changing pharmacies, just give the same information you have given to the previous pharmacy. They will do the same as well; input your information in their computer system
• If you lost your free prescription cards, just get back to the website and get a new one. No extra fees needed.
• If you are travelling and have forgotten your card, you can just go back to the website and download a new one. As long as you have internet access within US, you definitely can take full advantage of this program.
• All family members can have their individualized card. But the other member can use the same card though. When each member of the family has his or her own card, it generally makes things easier, i.e. attendance from the institution.
• There is no fee, payment or charge for downloading the card. It is absolutely free to all resident of USA.
• There are already about 56,000+ participating pharmacies – major chains and local pharmacies nationwide and counting. This is to ensure Americans that you will have a convenient and stress-free life. Check out the Pharmacy Locator to see if your local pharmacy is an affiliate of this program.
• Discounts range from ¬0 – 75%. This is dependent on the prescription type, brand name of the medicine, and location of the pharmacy. The discounts are based on the National Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM). You can check for the price of a certain drug from the website per se. Look for the “Medication Pricing Tool”.
• You can use your free prescription cards with your insurance company. However, it is recommended that you speak with your insurance agent to give your further details with it.

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