When rooting for a pet for your child or for the family, rabbits have got to be up there with the most loveable animals one can wish for companionship with. Keeping rabbits as pets comes with a lot of baggage as plans need to be made for a comfortable space for accommodation for your rabbits. Proper bedding is also very important when keeping rabbits as pets. Also appropriate feeding are also important to make them happy living outside or indoors. Rabbit pets will tend to eat up a large percentage of your time because they require close attention especially when they are tender, because they bite and scratch, and may hurt themselves or worse, your child. So, rabbit pets are not advised for tender kids but are super cool pets to be with for older children and even the whole family.

How to Take Care of Indoor Rabbits

Rabbits are perfect family pets because they love gathering. You have to prepare a couple of important things such as a comfort space for sleep, and box and tray on keeping rabbits as pets. You will have to make sure that your rabbit can play in your garden because they have to achieve vitamin D from the natural sunlight. Rabbits can hang out well with a couple of other pets but you have to be careful with that and supervision is needed on keeping rabbits as pets.

How to Take Care Outdoor Rabbits

The first thing that you have to do in order to feed outdoor rabbits is to build a comfort place for your Rabbit. And it is important for you to apply clean straw. For those of you who have two rabbits with medium- sized you have to build a hutch with the measurements of 60cm x 60cm x 150 cm. But if you have a smaller hutch, you have to consider using a separate run in your garden or you have to setup some routine for your rabbits outside from their cage. You have to build the hutch that will allow shelter when winds come and shade during the summer time. You can build a grass run for the hutch or you can place it in your garden according to your needs. But once again, you have to make the nest area which is protected from the sunlight. You can empty the litter tray day by day and you may be able to clean the hutch easier.

Feeding the Rabbits

Rabbits love fresh vegetable products such as spinach, carrots, broccoli, watercress, apples and dandelion leaves. But you have to limit the consumption of the vegetables before it is overfed. There are a couple of foods that are not allowed to eat by your rabbits such as potatoes, grass clippings, and lettuce, such foods make rabbits sick. A little hay mixed with freshwater and an occasional administration of vitamins should keep your rabbit kicking and adorable.

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