Before the time and the invention of modern day medicine, life was terrible for humans as their lives were usually short and they die because of limited sources of medicine. People at those times have hidden dangers in the form of diseases, incurable illnesses and ailments. It is only after the growth of medical practice into an established profession that humans experienced a significant change in the quality of their lives.

At present times, the boundaries of medical technology continue to reach at unbelievable levels because of modern scientific innovations and discoveries. However, one cannot neglect the indispensable roles of doctors in the lives of humans in spite of all these inventions and discoveries.

A doctor gives his entire life to the service of the society. He works day and night to make the life of others better and healthier. He cures them of dangerous diseases and severe illnesses. A doctor’s life is tough. Usually, he has to attend patients at odd hours skipping his sleep, rest, and even food. Many times, the doctor has to work all through the day and night attending to critical patients or any emergency case. He always has to visit his patients with a smiling and happy face. He remains to be a source of motivation and encouragement for a sick person and gives hope and strength to the patient as well as the family members.

Even in trouble, he never forgets his responsibilities towards his patients. Constantly remembering the famous Hippocratic Oath, he pledges his life in relieving the sufferings of the people.

Saving Lives
It is the doctor who meets a man at birth and also sees him at the end of his life. Sometimes a doctor can be the only difference between life and death. People who suffer from severe injuries or wounds need a doctor to attend to them immediately because delaying treatment might only mean death. In Emergency cases like accidents, violent crime victims, the life of the patients depends entirely on the abilities of the trauma surgeon.

Prolonging Lives
Increased life expectancy and improved health are the contributions which doctors have made to the society. Patients who survive deadly ailments like cancer owe their life to the doctors who played a vital role in healing the disease by their abilities and devotion. Modern medical technology along with doctors’ care can give patients having terminal illnesses a hope of living longer.

Humanitarian Work
Doctors play a great role in the society. They usually perform humanitarian work by providing useful health-related information to the masses or by setting health and medical camps in rural areas.
Doctors may work as volunteers and aides on missions like, to provide care to disaster victims or to teach medical workers in the developing countries.

Controlling Epidemics and Conducting Research.
The doctors work to prevent the extent of any epidemics. When disease outbreaks occur, a report provided by doctors can help check the epidemic. Doctors also work alongside researchers to find new cures for diseases, running drug tests on consenting patients.

The doctors dedicate their lives to serve the greater cause of humanity, and we as a society owe a lot to our doctors.

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