Have you received yours?

Pills, bottles, syrups in caps
Paying for these and your wallet taps.
If there was a way to pay less,
This is what I would address.

Medication discount card,
To sign up is not very hard.
Back to wallet, your money pours,
Have you received yours?

Antibiotics, this one handles pain,
Using the card you have money to gain.
Sleeping, depression, pain, and clogged pours,
Have you received yours?

Medication card dot org,
Works everywhere, even Luxembourg
Before you head out those doors,
Make sure that you have yours.

Have you received yours?




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How to Use the Discount Prescription Card as A Way to Earn Extra Money

Most people that get their own discount prescription card don’t realize that it is also a way to earn extra money when they need it most. Just the fact that you need a discount prescription card says that you also need extra money; which you can use to pay the balance of your prescriptions.

Many think of sales and get turned off. You couldn’t be more wrong; telling others how helpful your pharmacy card is to you is no different than telling them about a good movie; except, you will give them a free ticket to the great event and you will be paid every time they use their card. What could be simpler?

Why Join MedicationCard.org?

  • Make Money
  • Free website
  • No monthly fees

Today we have to be more creative in the ways we make our extra money. You can make extra money as slow or as fast as you want. Your referrals can get their card by:

  • Print Card
  • Physical Card
  • Copy Information

All you will have to do to spread the word is:

  • Tell someone new every day.
  • Drop cards to urgent care clinics.
  • Tell others about them via phone, text or Facebook.
  • Form a group to start your own business with your own specialty card.

The added bonus to joining our discount pharmacy card affiliate program is that you are automatically an affiliate to a dental discount plan. You will receive a onetime commission every time someone signs up for a low cost individual dental plan or a family dental plan. As you can see doing business with MedicationCard.org has its privileges and is an excellent way to earn residual money every month.

There are many that work very hard the first year like any other new business, but are able to sit back and relax while others use their discount cards and earn them money every week. Get more information about our MedicationCard.org affiliate program  and begin the change you need to put extra money into your pockets tomorrow.


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The Discount Prescriptions Card You Should Never Be Without; Even If You Are Insured

Letters like this come to our affiliates and continuously prove how useful having a discount medication card can be. Whether you need it for yourself, child or a pet, having it is better than not.

I read an article that said I should carry a card even if I thought I didn’t need it and I am so happy I did. My cat got sick and needed medication I had to purchase every month. I remembered my discount prescriptions card mentioned pet medication and took it to my pharmacist along with the prescription and received a $10 discount. They gave me a discount with no problem. I was able to afford my pets medication. Without this medication I was advised to have my precious pet euphemized.  All I can say is, if you don’t have a card, get one. You never know what can happen until it does.”

Don’t let procrastination keep you from getting your own discount prescriptions card. If you don’t have medical insurance your worst fear is getting sick, the second is paying too much for your medication and the last is not being able to afford your medication when you need it. So, what’s stopping you? Emergencies and mishaps don’t make appointments.

MedicationCard.org has made it very simple to get your very own discount prescription care and the discounts you deserve when you need it.

5 Ways to Get Your Prescription Discount and Card

  • Copy card information.
  • Print out your activated card.
  • Request physical card by mail.
  • View your prescription discount.
  • Locate your nearest participating pharmacy.

If you own a pet it doesn’t matter if you have insurance or not; your pet’s medication is not covered under your plan. The same is true if you have a medication your insurance no longer pays for; it doesn’t matter if you have insurance, you will have to pay the full price. But with your own discount prescriptions card you will be prepared and receive your needed discount.

Get your discount prescriptions card from “Medication Card” and never be without your card when you need it most.

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How to Pay for Dental Work and Save Lots of Money – Everyone Deserves A Great Smile!

Keeping that smile on your face and the teeth in your mouth is not cheap. This is especially true if you have a family your responsible for. Millions go without dental care because of the inability to pay. You can get an affordable dental plan through MedicationCard.org that fits your budget and gives you access to dentist right in your area. This is not insurance and there is no limit to the discounts or dental work available to you or your family. Not going to the dentist will surely have you experiencing future unavoidable dental issues.

  • Gum disease can cause health issues in the whole body.
  • Damaged or crooked teeth can cause low self esteem and the inability to smile, which affects growth and income.

Dental prices can be extravagant but with an inexpensive dental plan you and your family can have the smile and healthy teeth you need for the rest of your life

  • Great Smile
  • Save Money

The answer to your dental care has been addressed. Go to the website and sign up for the dental plan and make your appointment today. You will be able to print your card right away and with your zip code you will see every participating Dentist in your area. There is nothing holding you back from getting the care you need.

Dental Plan Prices

(Use coupon code MEDCARD1 for an additional 10% off any plan and 3 months free. )

  • Individual Dental Plan $79.95 for one year.
  • Family Dental Plan $129.95 for one year.

Getting your own affordable dental plan will assure you and your family a great smile. Getting your dental plan through MedicationCard.org will assure you the most affordable dental care in your area. Go the website and don’t forget to use your code for an additional savings and your 3 extra months free while it’s offered.

No longer will you have to worry about your smile and expensive prices on dental work that should be a right to everyone. Go to MedicationCard.org>”Dental Discounts” and see how easy it is for you to start today.

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Help with Prescription Cost- 7 Ways to Get Low Cost Prescriptions

Help with prescription cost is sought after all over the United States. There are millions that go without the medications they need every day. The cost of prescriptions without insurance can be devastating when you don’t have insurance or the money you need.

Cutting prescription cost is simple with the right information and tools.

There are many ways to cut prescription cost but until now your may not have known what they are. I will share with you tips that will change how you pay for your prescription drugs. Whether you are uninsured or underinsured this information is for you.

7 Ways to Get Low Cost or Free Prescriptions

  1. Spit pills in half instead of buying new prescription with less strength.
  2. Use your AARP card for discounts on your prescription medications. You never know when a discount applies.
  3. Ask your doctor for samples of medications before taking your prescriptions. Except medication samples you may need later.
  4. Ask your pharmacist about generic drugs that work as well as well as over the counter drugs. Be sure to talk to you doctor first.
  5. Use a discount prescription card for instant discounts. Discount prescription cards work instantly and also work with prescription pet meds.
  6. Check with pharmaceutical companies for free medications. You may be able to free or low cost medications straight from pharmaceutical companies if you ask.
  7. Compare prescription drug prices between several pharmacies. Did you know that heart medications are most likely cheaper near senior homes and asthma medication may be cheaper near elementary schools?

Many didn’t know about these methods and how they worked and didn’t participate, while losing money with every prescription drug they purchased. With this knowledge you can be sure to get your prescription cost lowered and use your savings where you need it most.

Now that you know how to save money on your prescription drugs; get your no cost prescription discount card and discount dental plan from MedicationCard.org and begin getting instant savings with no drama today.

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How To Find A Dentist and Keep Smiling with the Best Affordable Dental Plan

Everyone deserves a great smile but not everyone can afford the necessary dental appointments. Don’t continue to be embarrassed about crooked or stained teeth.  Your “Dental Plan”card is your best smile companion and available to you right away after sign up in a printable version.

Don’t worry about dental Insurance premiums that can run to up to almost $400 a year and climbing. More people are turning to “Dental Plan” for an inexpensive way to get quality dental care and a great smile at a very reasonable price.

This is not insurance but a plan to help you save money on dental cost whenever you need it. Dental insurances have stipulations that can be confusing and will not benefit you if your services go over the maximum. Dental care is not cheap and not getting the care when we need it can end up being very costly; after a condition has worsened.

How many times have you wondered how people with perfect teeth or children can afford the dental care they need? You don’t have to wonder anymore.  “Dental Plan” is only $79.95 a year for an individual and a family plan is only $129.95 a year.  This dental plan will allow you and your family to get yearly checkups, cleanings and dental work for discounted prices with no drama.

  • Instant Discount
  • No minimum or maximum work.
  • Oral surgeries, braces and more.

Now that you know there is an affordable dental plan, what’s stopping you? This is not insurance; it is a dental plan available to everyone that can pay the yearly premium. There are no health checks or monthly obligations; plus, dentists aren’t making the money they should, if you don’t go for your regular dental services. It’s a win-win situation.

Just face it, “Dental Plan” is exactly what you need to keep you or your families smile great and teeth and gums healthy for years to come. Find your nearest dental office by using your zip code and join others with the most affordable dental plan you money can buy.

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5 Best Ways to Market Your Medication Card Affiliate Program

If you have been online any length of time, you know that there are many ways to get the word out about your “Medication Card” business.

 Affiliate marketing is a method to earn money to the business owner without hiring a staff and marketers without owning a product. The best affiliate program is one that:

  • Pays on time.
  • Helpful Affiliate Assistance.
  • Valuable to its end user.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most used methods online to earn extra money without owning a product and dealing with legal issues of a business and the numbers are growing. There are more and more people learning how to become affiliate marketers than ever before because it is proven to earn good money if done consistently.

What is the best way to market your “Medication Cards” discount pharmacy cards?

Firstly, whatever method you use, you should be consistent. The best way to market your pharmacy cards is the one you can duplicate over and over again. When you’re consistent, people know where to turn to order their cards. Getting the word out by educating people is the best way to get the word out.

5 Best Ways to Market Your “Medication Car” Affiliate Program

  1. Join free article/blog sites such as Weebly.com, Hubpages.com or Blogspot.com and write help articles that have links pointing to your website affiliate link.
  2. Make YouTube videos telling the world how the best discount pharmacy card can help uninsured and underinsured people as well as pet owners pay for prescription drugs.
  3. Place your discount pharmacy card at beauty salons, veterinary hospital and medical clinics, with permission of course.
  4. Share your information on your Facebook page, Twitter, email and text messages. The more people know about your business the larger it will become.
  5. Place ads in local newspapers; make flyers with a copy of activated cards with your website address.

 Medication Card.org offers many a great opportunity to earn a great income marketing their discount pharmacy card and discount dental plan which is automatically added. Join others and use the 5 Ways to Market Your Affiliate Program to your success and contact us with any questions.

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Uninsured Children – Is Your Child Uninsured?


A mother using her Free Discount Prescription Card to reduce the cost of a prescription drug for her child will save herself money that can be used elsewhere. There is nothing worse than your child being sick except not being able to afford their medications.

The economy has turned family’s income and healthcare upside down producing uninsured families and children. Government programs are no longer just for the elderly, sickly or poor. With masses of unemployed Americans, more are turning to Government programs and free discount prescription cards for assistance.

 Statistics show that over 7.3 million were uninsured as of 2008; most are eligible for public programs such as Medicaid, SCHIP etc. The parents of these uninsured children most likely are facing some life challenges that seem more of a priority such as finance, shelter and food.

An uninsured child is most likely the one that has to go without their needed medication. Not being able to afford your child’s prescription drug can cause a small condition to worsen.

A parent or caregiver for an uninsured child should:

  • Find government or state agency that provide healthcare for children.
  • Make sure your child eats properly. Sign up for government programs such as WIC for healthy foods for your child to maintain good health.
  • Print out your Free Prescription Discount Card for reduced charges on prescription medications for your child.

We know that times are tough and should take proactive steps to make sure our uninsured children will get the care they  need by signing up for any program they qualify for. Government programs are not just for the sickly and poor any longer. Due to tens of thousands of people losing jobs, there are more people forced to apply for government aid.

MedicationCard.org understands the tremendous need for reduced medications and offers a free discount prescription card and reduced discount dental plan for individual and families. Everyone qualifies and there are no stipulations.

You can apply for your discount dental plan at MedicationCard.org whenever you’re ready. However, print out or copy information for your Free Discount Prescription Card immediately at MedicationCard.org. Keep it in your wallet at all times.

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How to Keep Your Pet Healthy – Pet Health Tips


As a responsible pet owner it is important to do what you must to keep your pet healthy and safe for years to come.


Our precious pets are our best friend and certainly a cherished member of our family. Insure years of unconditional love, pleasure and excitement by learning how to keep your pet healthy. Here are several pet health tips.


10 Pet Health Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe and Healthy


  1. It is imperative to have your dog tested for heartworm disease before beginning preventive medicine. Get more information about heartworm disease from your veterinarian.
  2. The same way you would child proof your home for a small child, you would do the same for your pet to avoid serious injuries and fatalities.
  3. Preventive vaccinations and early detection of diseases are the keys to successfully avoiding serious illnesses for  your pet,
  4. Your veterinarian will consider what stage of life your pet is and recommend the right kind of food and physical activity that can add to the quality of your pet’s life and avoid obesity.
  5. Keep your dog on a leash when running to avoid accidents that can happen in seconds and always use reflectors for visibility at night.
  6. To avoid dehydration, give your pet water before and after a long walk and exercise outdoors.
  7. Have yearly veterinary visits. It’s very critical for pet owners to realize that senior dogs are susceptible to getting many of the illnesses a human can get, such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, kidney, heart, and liver disease; tumors and cancers; hormone disorders such as diabetes and thyroid imbalance; etc
  8. Know what foods and substances are harmful to your pet. Eating chocolate, certain plant such as mistletoes and one lick of anti freeze is extremely dangerous to your pet.
  9. Never leave your pets in a hot car. The temperature rises quickly even in the shade.
  10. Go to MedicationCard.org and get your free discount prescription card to save money on your pet’s prescriptions and keep your pet healthy with needed pet meds. Many pets are put down from illnesses when necessary medications are too expensive.


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Help With My Prescription Drugs – I Was Shocked At My Prescription Drug Cost Until I Got This

Hearing the charge for the prescription my child needed made my knees shake, then I remembered I had my Free Discount Prescription Card in my purse. I gave it to the pharmacist and he gave me a price I could pay. I was relieved.

There are many more stories like this…Do you have one?

When a child is sick we comfort them and care for them until they are well. But sometimes, no matter what we do, our childs condition worsen.

We then have to see a doctor or worse, go to an hospital. If you aren’t insured or under insured you will worry about the cost and copay; if your receive a prescription and chances are , you will, you worry about your prescription cost.

With all of the stress and events surrounding this event, you shouldn’t have to worry about how you will pay for your childs prescription drugs. It’s times like this when you appreciate having your own free discount prescription cardon hand.


Help With Prescription DrugsWhen You Need It….

Free discount prescription cards are convenient to carry and will reduce your medication cost in seconds. Anyone that doesn’t have insurance that will cover all prescription drugs, owe it to themselves to carry a discount prescription card at all times, just in case. You no longer have to pay full price for your prescription drugs when you have your own free discount prescription card in your pocket.

MedicalCards.org is a well respected company and offers a great way to save money with their Free Discount Prescription Drug Cards which can also be used on Pet Meds.

Pharmacy Location System Try it! You can find your medication drug , the cost and the location of the nearest pharmacy that excepts your Free Discount Prescription Card. But no worries any major drug store in the US will honor your card.

Print Free Discount Prescription Card and carry it in you wallet right away and if you don’t have a printer, simply copy this information to use before paying for your prescriptions: www.MedicationCard.org, GROUP ID: MCSAVE, MEMBER ID: Member phone number, BIN: 610219, PCN: DRX

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